Most personal injury attorneys do not take their cases to court. When you are an attorney (like Clark Karell) who is willing to go the distance and take your case to trial, you have more leverage against the insurance company.

Insurance companies will try their best to give out as little compensation as possible. When you are willing to take your case to court, those insurance companies are willing to give more.

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But I don’t want to go to Court, why would I want to hire a trial attorney?

The large majority of injured individuals do not want to go to court. Unfortunately, the majority of injury attorneys feel the same way and would rather settle out than push the case through litigation to a jury verdict in order to receive fair compensation. The insurance companies know who these attorneys are and will negotiate accordingly with these firms knowing they will not have to worry about the threat of a jury trial.

Here at Karell Trial Attorneys, L.L.C., we prepare every case as if it will be going to trial and are ready to take each case to trial in hopes that you will not have to. The insurance companies will increase their offers to the firms who are willing to go to court and ask a jury to decide what is fair compensation. Insurance companies understand that they are facing a much larger risk when negotiating with these firms and they will offer more to avoid this risk of letting a jury decide.

No one knows what a jury will do, if anyone tells you otherwise, you are being lied to. While we cannot guarantee any result in any specific case, we can guarantee you the threat of being prepared for trial will only benefit your chances of a successful resolution without having to face trial.

For those of you who prefer Court, why is Karell Trial Attorneys, L.L.C. the firm for you?

Here at Karell Trial Attorneys, L.L.C., we are fully prepared to litigate your personal injury matter to a successful resolution. Karell Trial Attorneys have been a part of multiple successful jury trials, scores of successful bench trials and have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients. We are fully prepared to thoroughly litigate your injury claim from the inception of the case, through initial filings, Discovery, depositions, pre-trial matters, trial, to verdict. We will be here with you every step of the way continuously keeping you up to date with all developments in your case.

We do not collect until you are satisfied with your recovery.

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