Depositions can be very nerve-racking for individuals, many people will get anxious or lose sleep in anticipation of the testimony to come.

Take it Seriously

Be sure to take the deposition as a serious matter.  Get a good night’s sleep the night before, eat prior to arriving for your deposition, and come dressed professionally.  Maintain a professional outlook and demeanor throughout your deposition, including when being pressed by the opposing side.

Tell the Truth

As long as you tell the truth to the best of your memory, there is no testimony you can give in a deposition that will hurt your case.  At the start of the deposition, you will be sworn in to tell the truth.  This should be taken seriously and you should remember that you have sworn to tell the truth with each answer.  If you do not know an answer, do not attempt to make one up you think may be right, your testimony needs to be wholly accurate.

Use Relevant Documents for Reference

When preparing, it is alright to look at any relevant documents that may assist in your testimony but do know the opposing party’s attorney can ask you about all documents you reviewed for your testimony and you must answer truthfully. Further, it is important to meet with and discuss the deposition with your attorney prior to the deposition. This discussion will be privileged as attorney-client communication and cannot be discussed during the deposition.

Listen Carefully

Once in the deposition, it is important to listen carefully to the questions asked and tell the truth to the facts as you know them. Answer only the question asked and know that additional information provided will only lead to additional questions asked. Do not speculate or guess in your testimony and be careful not to let the questioning attorney bait you into admitting something that is not true. Remember that as nice as the opposing counsel is, their primary role in the matter is to limit your recovery.

As long as you tell the truth in your deposition, you will do just fine.  Do not hesitate to Contact Our Office should you have further questions or concerns regarding your deposition.

The best advice for anyone who is preparing for a deposition is simple: “Calm down and tell the truth.”