What compensation is possible with Negligent Security Cases?

Crime victims or their families can seek compensation for various damages, including lost wages, job loss due to injuries, medical expenses, psychological counseling, property loss, and pain and suffering. Negligent security claims may encompass projected future costs like medical bills, ongoing therapy, or disabilities. An attorney specialized in negligent security claims knows precisely which details to document for success. Pursuing a claim without an experienced partner in negligent security claims could lead to denial or reduced compensation.

Insurance companies will strive to invalidate claims. But with your attorney’s expertise, you can secure the fair restitution you deserve.

Specialized Expertise

The owners of commercial buildings, hospitals and any other buildings that open their doors to the public have a general duty to ensure that people who use their property don’t get hurt. Owners can be held liable if they knew or had reason to know of unsafe or dangerous activity on and around the premises and did nothing to protect their patrons and guests from intentional criminal conduct that was reasonably foreseeable.

This circumstance would include when a property or business owner is aware of past instances on their property or properties in the vicinity. Security negligence often leads to robberies, rapes, assaults and in some instances even death.

Security negligence
Workers Compensation

Where Can Negligent Security Occur?

The most common places where negligent security happens are:

  • Office buildings
  • Parking lots
  • Entertainment venues like concert halls, stadiums, or sports arenas
  • Universities and colleges
  • Theme parks
  • Bars or clubs
  • Apartments and condominiums
  • Hotels

When you choose Karell Trail Attorneys as your attorney, you gain the expertise needed for successful negligent security claims. Our specialized lawyers understand precisely what documentation is required, ensuring your claim’s success. Schedule a free consultation today for comprehensive support.